Roughly half of all Americans don’t have a will, so if you’ve already taken this vital step to protect your assets and successors then congratulations are in order – you’re already ahead of the curve! While a will is a necessary document that every person who owns assets should have, it is still a relatively simple document that may not cover everything you want it to. You may want to consider creating an estate plan
Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is an important decision and should be carefully considered. It is important for families to take the time to explore nursing home options and to carefully assess the nursing home facilities in order to choose the best care for the loved one. Below are some steps designed to assist families in choosing a nursing home. 1. Identify Nursing Homes in the Area The first step in choosing
Why Do I Need a Special Needs Trust? If you have a special needs child and have not created a special needs trust as part of your own estate plan. Why not? When it comes to creating an estate plan, I’ve heard all the explanations and excuses. Here are a few, and some thoughts I’d would like you to consider: 1. I’ve already named my child as beneficiary on my life insurance/retirement account/annuity. If your
The findings from a 10 year study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) have reported a link between hearing loss and health risks. The risks include a 50% greater risk of dementia, a 40% greater risk of developing depression and a nearly 30% higher risk of accidental falls. While hearing loss is becoming more prevalent in younger people due to the use of earbuds and noise pollution, it is the elderly population
Many Americans have to hang up their car keys for good due to dementia. There is an increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the aging US population and it is forcing the hands of caregivers, family, and physicians to ensure getting those impaired off the roads. Cognitive disability creates peril not only for the driver themselves but also for car passengers, other drivers, as well as pedestrians. The widespread and

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