Does finding a great local estate planning attorney to help you create an estate plan seem like an overwhelming task? You may understandably feel overwhelmed by the process, but with the tips we provided below, it may be easier than you think to narrow down your choices to a few qualified attorneys. We’ve provided you with the some tips on ways to find great local estate planning attorneys like Amrine Law, such as referrals from people you trust.


Referrals from Friends & Family

A good place to start may be asking your friends and loved ones for referrals. While there is a staggering number of people who may not have estate plans, you probably have friends or family members who do and who have hired an attorney to plan their estate. A good question to ask them is if they have a trust or a will, and if so, who the attorney was that drafted it. If they have a recommendation, they will likely be happy to share their own experiences with you.


Financial Advisor

You may also want to consider asking your financial advisor or accountant for recommendations. Estate planning can be a critical part of financial planning. Letting them know that you are in search of a great local estate planning attorney to help you create your estate plan is a great start in the building blocks of securing your legacy. Creating a trust and will and powers of attorney, along with maximizing your loved ones’ inheritances by minimizing taxes are all important financial matters that require the expertise of an estate planning attorney, so your financial planner is a great resource for a trusted referral. 


Attorney Referral

Another good option may be to ask other attorneys for recommendations. You may have already worked with an attorney on another matter, perhaps setting up a business, buying a home, or reviewing a contract. Get in touch and let them know that you are in search of a recommend estate planning attorney. Since they are in the industry, chances are they probably already know a few who would be a good fit for you.


Referrals from Advocacy Groups

This is an excellent way of finding the right person for the job! If there is a current diagnosis or need for care, you or your loved one may be working with an advocacy group such as ElderHelp (include link:, Alzheimer’s San Diego (include link: or the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (include link: These types of organizations vet community partners to understand the credentials and experience of the attorneys they refer. While no endorsement is made, they generally provide a process for getting a free consultation with an attorney that matches your needs.    

Your State and Local Bar Associations

Last by not least, you can also contact state and local bar associations, as they often offer referral services or a searchable directory of attorneys with their practice areas. These services make finding a great local estate planning attorney as easy as a Google search.


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